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Report of the Corporate Director (Public Protection, Planning and Governance).


Report of the Corporate Director (Public Protection, Planning and Governance) on the erection of an outbuilding in the rear garden to be used as an annexe replacing one of the existing sheds which would be relocated.


The application site comprised a detached house and gardens located on the north side of Cranborne Road.  The streetscene was residential in character, comprising generally two storey houses of varying architectural design set within spacious plots.  The site was bound to the north by a recreation ground, which was mostly screened by leylandii hedging and mature trees.  There was no formal right of access from the garden to the land behind.


The property had a large rear garden measuring approximately 30 metres in depth x 16 metres in width.  Towards the rear of the garden were two small garden sheds which were of a modest height and were mostly screened from neighbouring occupiers by vegetation and boundary fencing.  The garden was accessible through the house, garage and a narrow gated side passage leading from the front of the property.


The application had been presented to the Committee because Councillor Hebden had called it in:-


“I would like to provisionally call in this application, should the planning officers be minded to recommend approval of the current plans. The address is a 6 bedroom house and further accommodation is not a necessity. There is a concern that the annexe could/would be used as an independent dwelling, Airbnb or HMO for non-family members.”


Councillor Hebden circulated a statement and photographs on behalf of neighbours.  The applicant had also circulated information.


(Councillor Hebden withdrew from the meeting for this item).


O.Latter spoke in support of the application which was required to provide ancillary accommodation for her teenage children in order to allow them some independence after finishing university whilst still maintaining a functional link with the main dwelling.  She was willing to provide additional planting to help screen the building.


C.Tracy (objector) spoke against the application as a neighbouring occupier on the grounds that it would have an overbearing impact on amenity, reduce the value of neighbouring properties and be out of keeping with the character of the road.


Following discussion, following which it was noted that the proposed annexed could only be used for purposes ancillary to the main house and to the additional condition set out below.


It was proposed by Councillor H.Bromley, seconded by Councillor S.Elam and



(11 voting for, 1 abstention)


That planning permission be approved subject to the conditions contained in the report of Officers and to the additional conditions set out below:-


“Prior to the first occupation of the annex, full details on a suitably scaled plan of additional boundary planting must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  The development shall not be carried out other than in accordance with the approved details.


The landscaping details to be submitted shall include:


(a)     original levels and proposed finished levels [earthworks to be carried out]


(b)     planting plans, including specifications of species, sizes, planting centres, number and percentage mix, and details of seeding or turfing


REASON:   The landscaping of this site is required in order to protect and enhance the existing visual character of the area and to reduce the visual and environmental impacts of the development hereby permitted in accordance with Policies GBSP2, D2 and D8 of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan 2005”.




“All agreed landscaping comprised in the above details of landscaping shall be carried out in the first planting and seeding seasons following the occupation of the first building, the completion of the development, or in agreed phases whichever is the sooner: and any plants which within a period of 5 years from the completion of the development die, are removed or become seriously damaged or diseased shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species.  All landscape works shall be carried out in accordance with the guidance contained in British Standards 8545: 2014.


REASON: To ensure proper implementation of the agreed landscape details in the interest of the amenity value of the development in accordance with Policies GBSP2, D2 and D8 of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan 2005”.




The development/works shall not be started and completed other than in accordance with the approved plans and details:


Plan Number

Revision Number


Received Date



Proposed Floor Plan

9 November 2018



Proposed Elevations

9 November 2018



Site Plan as Proposed

9 November 2018



Site Plan As Existing

22 October 2018



Block Plan

22 October 2018

Location Plan


Location Plan

22 October 2018


REASON: To ensure that the development is carried out in accordance with the approved plans and details.




The decision has been made taking into account, where practicable and appropriate the requirements of paragraph 38 of the National Planning Policy Framework and material planning considerations do not justify a decision contrary to the development plan (see the Officer’s report which can be viewed on the Council's website or inspected at these offices).

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