Agenda and draft minutes

Climate Change Sub-Group - Wednesday 7th September 2022 7.30 pm

Venue: Via Zoom

Contact: Vanisha Mistry 


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To note any substitution of Members made in accordance with Council Procedure Rules.

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The following substitution of a Committee Member had been made in accordance with Council Procedure Rules:


Councillor J. Cragg for Councillor J. Lake



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An apology for absence was received from Councillor J. Lake.



To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2022 (previously circulated).

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The minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2022 were approved as a correct record by the Chair.



A Presentation from the Sustainability Officer at Broxbourne Borough Council on the HCCSP draft Behaviour Change Action Plan.



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Members received a presentation from Emma Cantu the Sustainability Officer at Broxbourne Borough Council and the Behaviour Change Subgroup lead on the HCCSP draft Behaviour Change Action Plan. Members received a definition of Behaviour Change and how it is about changes to beliefs, actions and decisions for social and environmental improvement. Behaviour change also has a central role to play in helping Hertfordshire on the journey to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs).


In regard to the Hertfordshire Climate Change Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), there were four initial subgroup strategies of Water, Biodiversity, Carbon and Transport.


It was noted that when the behavioural change sub-group was created: the group captured all of the behavioural changes actions and generalised them in order to form the basis of the existing behavioural change strategy, then additional actions were added, and these reflected the priority areas that had been created and these had been added with progress indicators and timescales included to assist with delivery.


It was noted that all sub-groups for HCCSP comprise of members from the Hertfordshire Sustainability Officers Group (HSOG). These officers work for local authorities within Hertfordshire whose roles includes sustainability and/or climate change. Subgroup members conduct operational work on behalf of HCCSP and lead on identified priority topic areas alongside their own individual roles.


It was noted that an initial draft had been presented to HCCSP in June 2022. This version was developed by Behavioural Change subgroup members. The existing behaviour change action points were extracted from the original four subgroup strategies. These joined specific behavioural change actions formulated by the subgroup.  The draft was then distributed to stakeholders for feedback via online survey. Originally started with officers; this spread to both internal and external stakeholders such as Behavioural Change Unit at Hertfordshire County Council and also NGOs, Community and faith groups, energy companies, local businesses and charities.


The feedback included both closed answers and free text. The feedback received was from 30 respondents and a focus group was created. Some of the respondents were contacted and a focus group was held with four representatives, for example had a representative from an energy company, one from a charity, one from the faith group and one from a local business. The focus group discussed general themes of the strategy, individual criticisms, and potential edits.


The final draft was submitted on Monday 5 September 2022 after additional feedback was incorporated from the HCCSP Chair, HCCSP Projects Lead Officer, and HCCSP Coordinator. The draft strategy is due to be presented to HCCSP members on Tuesday 13 September 2022 where recommendations and next steps will be discussed.




That the update be noted.



A Presentation from the Energy Efficiency Project Manager at SE Energy Hub on the Sustainable Warmth Project.

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Members received a presentation from Clare Watters, the Energy Efficiency Project Manager at Greater Southeast Net Zero Hub on the Sustainable Warmth Project. The Sustainable Warmth Scheme brings together two fuel poverty schemes: 1. LAD3: support for low-income households heated by mains gas. 2. HUG1: support for low-income households off the gas grid.  Previously the LAD2 scheme had both private and social housing. This is mainly focused on private housing either owner occupied or private rented.


The BEIS objectives are:


·         Tackle fuel poverty

·         Ensure homes are thermally comfortable, efficient, and well adapted to climate change

·         Progress towards the UK’s target for net zero by 2050

·         Support clean growth and support economic resilience


Residents can go into the scheme and once they are deemed eligible works will be assessed and carried out by Warm Works and their sub-contractors. The recommended measure will be determined by the assessment of the home, the need to be compatible with Standards Assessment Procedure (SAP) and fit within the scheme parameters such as cost caps.


Measures will focus on energy efficiency measures such as wall, loft and underfloor insulation. Low carbon heating technologies with fossil fuels excluded and solar photovoltaics but battery storage is not included.


The funding available for LAD3 which is the on-gas properties, these are heated by a gas boiler which is connected to the mains gas grid. The average grant is £10,000 for owner occupiers and there is a £5,000 grant for private rented properties and the landlords are required to contribute 1/3 of the funding required.


HUG average grant ranges depend on the property: there is potential to get more money for properties that are the most polluting and the most expensive to heat. The grants available are below:



The GSE Net Zero Hub has secured BEIS funding on behalf of 66 Local Authorities. In Welwyn Hatfield the hub will be able to support approximately LAD Phase 3, 50 on-gas residents and HUG Phase 1, 10 off-gas residents.


It was noted that the scheme finishes in March 2023 but within that timeframe there are eligibility checks. Ideally referrals would be received by end of 2022 to allow for eligibility checks, surveys and works to be completed. It is likely this scheme will be over-subscribed as referrals have already been received across Hertfordshire with no promotion to date. It was noted that members could liaise with the Hub if there is a large number of residents needing support.


It was noted that the eligible residents would be low-income households and on less than a £30,000 gross income or alternative £20,000 after housing costs or household composition similar to LAD2. There is a focus on properties in band E, F and G with band D properties capped at 30%.   There is also a private housing focus and there is a 10% maximum expectation for social housing properties.


To fit within cost caps and timescales available the preferred focus is on households that are financially eligible, EPC E, F and G properties, Owner-occupied properties,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.



Report and verbal update from Officers on the Council’s own Action Plan.

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Members received a verbal update from Officers on the Council’s own Action Plan.


Officers stated that at the July 2022 Climate Change Sub-Group meeting it was mentioned that the Council had asked WSP to look at the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan and recommend how it could be improved. Officers stated that they had received a report back from WSP. It was noted that there were 66 recommendations which had been broken down into headings, the report also identified ‘quick wins’ and identified longer term actions. Officers stated that following the report the Council asked Carbon Minded to take all of those recommendations from WSP and incorporate them into a revised action plan. The draft revised action plan has a number of filters such as filtering by ‘completed actions’ so officers can see quickly what has been achieved and get the information to the Communications department to promote achievements.


Officers stated that the next steps were that Carbon Minded will present the revised action plan to the officer group on the 19 September 2022, then a report will go to the Corporate Management Team and be circulated to the Climate Change Sub-Group.


Officers stated that the Solar Bulk buy scheme which launched in August 2022 had 88 Welwyn Hatfield residents registered. The scheme has been really well received right across Hertfordshire and interest was higher than expected.


Officers stated that the Hertfordshire County Council Tree Giveaway scheme, the County Council had purchasing 100,000 trees which will be given out to the residents over a four-year period. 10,000 for this year and 30,000 in the subsequent three years and 28,000 additional trees have been funded by seven of the districts including Welwyn Hatfield. The Council have committed 4,000 trees to the scheme which will source an additional 5,120 trees.


It was noted that it will be Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s turn to present on the Council’s Climate Change work at the next HCCSP meeting which will be held on Tuesday 13 September 2022.




That the update be noted.



Verbal update on the work of the Partnership from Cllr S. Kasumu, Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change.

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Members received a verbal report from the Executive Member (Environment and Climate Change) as the Council’s representative to the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP).


The Executive Member stated that the next HCCSP meeting will be held on Tuesday 13 September 2022.


The Executive Member stated that the Behavioural Change Action Plan will be a key item on the agenda at the next meeting. The Economic Development Officer at Welwyn Hatfield Council will also be presenting at the meeting.