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Report of the Corporate Director (Public Protection, Planning and Governance).


Report of the Corporate Director (Public Protection, Planning and Governance) on the erection of single storey front and side extension and part single, part two storey rear extension.


The application site was located on the south east side of Roe Green Close which formed a wider residential loop of properties. The application property was one of a row of similar link detached two storey dwellings in a staggered formation.


The site comprised a two storey four bedroom link-detached dwelling with an attached garage and utility room. The site benefitted from front and rear gardens with on-site car parking for two cars.


This application was presented to the Development Management Committee because Hatfield Town Council had submitted a Major Objection and Councillor J.Broach had called-in the application.


A representation was received from Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP on 16 September on behalf of 18 and 41 Roe Green Close requesting if the following comment could be considered as part of the application:


“Amongst their concerns were issues surrounding the effect on the neighbouring properties and their natural sunlight, the large increase to the original building footprint, and parking in an area that already struggles with capacity. They both further highlighted concern that the property would be used as an HMO, which would go against a covenant stating the houses not be used for lodgings, as well as disrupting a quiet, family-oriented road.”


Councillor J.Broach: Call-in submitted with the following comments:


“I would like to call this application in to DMC, on the grounds that it looks very similar to the application that was recently refused by committee, and that it in my view represents overdevelopment of the site due to the cumulative size and bulk of the proposed additions, and runs the risk of being overbearing to the immediate neighbours. I’m happy for this to be refused under delegated powers should this be the officer’s recommendation.”


Hatfield Town Council – Major Objection submitted with the following comment:


“The Committee felt this was an over development of the site”.


Late representation was received in support of the application.


Mr Lucas spoke as an objector saying that the development would affect parking and the build was not in character with other properties in the area. The development would overshadow neighbouring properties.


Ward Councillor J.Broach spoke against the application, on the grounds that it was an enormous building, completely out of keeping with the character of the area and overbearing to immediate neighbours.


(Note: Councillor J.Broach declared an interest and withdrew for this item – minute 52 refers).


Following discussion, it was proposed to refuse planning permission and seconded by Councillors P.Hebden and F.Marsh and


(Voting for 9 and 3 against)


That, notwithstanding the Officer recommendation for approval, planning permission be REFUSED for the following reasons:-


REASON:  By virtue of the increased footprint the resulting proposal would be out of keeping with the character and appearance of the area and would have an overbearing impact on neighbouring occupiers contrary to the requirements of Policies D1 and D2 of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan 2005.

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