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Report of the Chief Executive detailing the Council’s response to Covid-19.


Report of the Chief Executive detailing the Council’s response to Covid-19.


The Leader wanted to start by thanking and paying tribute to all NHS staff and key workers in the Borough and across the country and also thanked all staff who have continued to work hard to support our businesses and communities.


Since the last report we have seen continued changes to our way of life.  As a Council we have continued to support our communities and businesses through this pandemic, as well as continuing to deliver all services.  The Leader highlighted a few of these below. 


      The Leader continued with other leaders in how we respond to the pandemic and is part of the Community Resilience Cell supporting all our colleagues across the County and carrying out a Community Impact Assessment;

      Cabinet have continued to meet regularly for updates and input to key decisions and issues and have used the start of a more streamlined governance process, through the use of Executive Member decision notices;

      The Chief Executive continues to chair the countywide recovery group and is lead chief executive for the strategic coordinating group;

      Plans have been developed as shielding comes to an end and as a County it is replaced with a community support network;

      The Council offices have been signed off as COVID secure;

      Through our CSP and Environmental Health teams, supported the reopening of pubs and restaurants;

      Are working with GLL as they prepare for reopening our leisure facilities from the 25 July;

      Campus West reopened on the 4 July, but had to make the sad decision to cancel this year’s pantomime;

      Hotel accommodation continues to be provided to homeless households and the government has recently announced additional funding for local authorities to maintain housing provision for this group. The Council is awaiting more information from government on how the funding will be allocated;

      Preparing for the approval of the new Business and Planning Bill

      The Council have now paid out £14.9 in business rate grants, which is 96% of out funding allocation;

      The Council has also launched the Discretionary Business Grant scheme, targeting small and micro businesses that were not eligible for the small business grant scheme;

      Continued to successfully run a virtual committee meetings;


This has not come without financial pressures and challenges. We are still facing significant financial in year pressures of nearly £7M.  We previously had been allocated £1.28M of the £3.2bn allocated to local government and of the new £500M that was recently announced, our share is £194,000.  That brings a total funding package to the council of £1.48M.  We are still awaiting the detail on the proposed income guarantee that was also announced which should provide us further contributions to our in year pressures.  In August, Cabinet will receive a more detailed report on this and quarter 1 forecasts and all of this will be considered as we start the budget process for next year..


Everyday we continue to see the impact this pandemic has on our communities and businesses, as well as the council.  It has been a challenging time, but the Leader continues to be extremely proud of everything our communities, businesses, partners, staff and Councillors have done and continue to do.


It was moved and seconded by Councillors T.Kingsbury and D.Bell and





(1)   Councillors noted the content of the report, the continued impacts of the pandemic on the Council’s operations and the work undertaken to date.


(2)   Council thanked staff, communities, residents and businesses for their support in working together in this unprecedented time.

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