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Report of the Corporate Director (Resources, Environment and Cultural Services) on proposals for and objections to the introduction of waiting restrictions, resident permit parking and verge protection in various roads, Hatfield.


Members considered the report of the Corporate Director (Resources, Environment and Cultural Services) on the introduction of waiting restrictions, a resident permit parking scheme and verge protection order in various roads, Roe Green, Central Ward, Hatfield.


The report noted that in recent years a large number of complaints had been received from residents in the Roe Green area of Hatfield about people parking in the residential roads when visiting the Galleria rather than pay for parking in the Galleria car park.  The Council in October 2016 started the parking consultation in the Roe Green area of Hatfield. The scheme was split into two, with Area One including the roads to the west of Lemsford Road being engaged in the first round. As a result of the consultation, on the 3 July 2017 a resident permit parking scheme (RPPS) together with additional waiting restrictions was introduced in various roads in Roe Green. The resident parking permit scheme operated on Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm. Following the successful implementation of the scheme, a number of complaints continued to be received from residents concerning vehicles either parked on the footway or grass verge. A further letter was sent to residents informing them that they would be consulted on a verge protection order (VPO) during the second round of consultation.

The Council received more and more requests all over the Borough, to address vehicles parking on the verge and pavements. Until recently, enforcement of parking on the pavement was within the remit of the Police, as this could be classed as an obstruction; however this was now regarded as a low priority for the Police due to other work pressures. Without a VPO in place, vehicles parked on the verge and green areas were reported through to the Council and the Street Warden team monitored and placed notices on vehicles parking in such areas, requesting that they refrain from doing this. The introduction of a VPO would provide the Civil Enforcement Officers with the means to effectively and robustly enforce vehicles parking in these areas, by issuing a Parking Ticket.

In January 2018the Council started the parking consultation in Area Two with the remaining roads predominantly to the east of Lemsford Road, Hatfield.

The report set out the results of the informal consultation, the statutory consultation and the recommended course of action. Approximately 1800 properties and businesses had been consulted.  The report also outlined an amendment the Council was proposing and the objections which were received in response to the advertised Orders.

Twelve objections had been received relating to the proposed RPPS. One objection had been received relating to the proposed VPO; as shown in Appendix A attached to the report.


A Member commented on the parking operational times of Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm and whether this long period could be split into two.  The Officer explained that the proposed operational days and time was based on the majority response from residents and it would be monitored for six months, as with all changes to parking restrictions.  It was noted that there were different groups which parked in these roads throughout the day.


The Panel agreed that the area in question was quite sizeable and the residents had been supportive of the proposed parking proposals.


It was moved by Councillor G. Hayes, seconded by Councillor P. Shah and





That having considered the objections received and in addition the issues raised around equalities and diversity and all the detailed issues in the report, including any proposed mitigating actions, the Panel recommends the Cabinet to proceed with the creation of both the Verge Protection Order (Appendix B) and the Residents Parking Permit Scheme (Appendix C) for the reasons set out in the report.


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